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The Macdonald Reality is the largest Real Estate firm in Vancouver, BC (Western Canada). With a rich experience of 70 years in the real estate field, we have established a reputed and trustworthy brand image. We believe in providing the top quality real estate services in accordance to the utmost satisfaction of the client. Whether you are looking for the house for sale or apartments in Vancouver, we help you to find the best one. At Macdonald Reality, our real estate business follows some specific set of processes that mainly reflect three different techniques. These techniques can be utilized as a part of the appraisal of real estate valuation. The strategies to be utilized will depend totally on the kind of property being evaluated or assessed.

Cost Method

The cost way to deal with evaluation and examination is set up by comprehension the development techniques and property ascribes identified with expense. The cost methodology is evaluated by adding the expense of area to the present expense of development identified with all change ashore, and subtracting deterioration in all upgrades on the area. The development expenses of structures would incorporate a generation cost or a substitution expense of the same or comparable like materials or frameworks. This methodology works best when it utilized for the evaluation of new or more up to date properties that are not every now and again traded in the business sector. The real expenses are typically gotten from cost estimator programming, cost manuals, developers, and contractual workers.

Direct Comparison Approach

The immediate examination technique for evaluation of real estate is most valuable when there is countless like properties that have as of late executed available or are as of now recorded available. Utilizing this technique, the evaluation would originate from distinguishing the subject with comparable properties. The deal costs that most relate to the subject would have a heavier weight on the quality, restrict to one that is further from the subject attributes. A few components or variables are utilized to qualify the level of likeness amongst comparable and the subject.

Income Approach

The salary technique to the appraisal of real estate would be from an examination of present estimation without bounds advantages of property possession. A property’s wage and resale worth upon return might be promoted into a present, single amount sum. There are two techniques for the pay approach; one is immediate capitalization and the other yield capitalization. Direct capitalization is the connection between one year’s salary and worth demonstrated by either a capitalization rate or a pay multiplier. Yield capitalization is the relationship between quite a long while of balanced out pay and worth toward the end of a predefined period reflected in a yield rate. The most ordinarily utilized yield capitalization strategy would be the marked down income examination.
Our out of the box strategies make us different form the crowd. If you are looking for the houses for sale in Vancouver, then the Macdonald Reality is the best real estate firm you can take assistance from. We work harder for our clients to get a deal done.

J. Neil Hamilton

Neil is a Senior Property Advisor at Macdonald with expertise in the buying, selling and leasing of both residential and commercial properties throughout the GVA. He is extremely well networked in Greater Vancouver and is known for his hard work and honesty on behalf of his clients.

“There is no one else who will work harder for their clients or to get a deal done than Neil. In short, Neil is your man..!” David Liden, Associate Counsel, Remedios and Company.