Things to Know Before Buying or Renting a Loft

So how long have you been searching for a good cozy loft for you and you are being disappointed because you don’t find it good enough? Well, buying or renting lofts are as tricky as choosing the right person to get married to because in both cases you have to thin long time.

Here is why we have come up with some of the best things for you which will help you to understand whether or not you can buy that particular loft—

1.    The kinds of Lofts – Basically there are two kinds of lofts—hard and the soft one. Hard lofts are basically an existing building or a structured which has been reconfigured and then it became a loft. And soft lofts are new—they are built with new ideas and are built with higher ceiling, big windows and there is something “raw” about them. So if you find one loft different from the other, it is maybe because one is hard and the other one is soft.

2.    Shortage of Lofts – Just like apartments, lofts are actually in high demand and it isn’t easy to find one. This is the reason why, you should opt for a real estate agency to help you find the best one. Macdonald Realty is one of the best real estate agencies to provide you great Vancouver lofts with some of the great features and services. However, agencies always keep an eye on the best lofts and apartments for their clients.

3.    Learn to appreciate the “raw”ness – We really like the fact how lofts have something raw about them. They are large in sizes—especially the hard ones. Although short in supply, they have some of the biggest spaces and this isn’t something you get in most apartments. Even the smallest unit can be about 700-900 square ft and the larger units can be even more than 4000 square ft. amazing isn’t it?

4.    Lofts aren’t really available in higher rises – Unlike apartments; most lofts aren’t likely to be found in any higher rises like at the 25th floor or the 10th floor. Most hard lofts are result of conversion of a church or a factory so it is less likely to find them beyond the 8th floor. Although it may not make a difference to you, still be prepared of what you may see from the window.

Lofts are no doubt one of the best places to live. And with the help of real estate agencies and your creativity, you can get the best loft and turn it into a cozy home sweet home.

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